Fierer Lab

Exploring the structure and function of microbial communities


Tess Brewer : Graduate Student

Tess Brewer

Graduate Student

Research Foci: Soil microbes, microbial weathering, microbial genomics
Mallory Choudoir : Postdoc

Mallory Choudoir


Research Focus: T.B.D.

Jason Corwin : Postdoc

Jason Corwin


Research Foci: Plant-Microbe Interactions

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Manu Delgado-Baquerizo : Postdoc

Manu Delgado-Baquerizo


Research Focus: Soil microbial ecology, terrestrial ecosystem ecology

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Noah Fierer :

Noah Fierer

Science cheerleader
Matt Gebert : Research Technician

Matt Gebert

Research Technician

Research Foci: showerhead microbiome project
Toby Hammer : Graduate Student

Toby Hammer

Graduate Student

Research Focus: insect-associated microbial communities

Jessica Henley : Research Technician

Jessica Henley

Research Technician

Research Focus: high-throughput microbial community analyses
Hannah Holland-Moritz : Graduate Student

Hannah Holland-Moritz

Graduate Student

Research Foci: microbial succession, moss-associated microbes

Luna :


Foci: snacks, dinosaurs, fart jokes

Maya Montoya-Pimolwatana : Research Technician

Maya Montoya-Pimolwatana

Research Technician

Research focus: molecular methods in microbial ecology
Angela Oliverio : Graduate Student

Angela Oliverio

Graduate Student

Research Foci: microbial eukaryotes, thermal adaptations of microbes
Tara Webster : Postdoc

Tara Webster


Research Foci: microbial ecology of water treatment, soil biogeochemistry, microbiology of engineered systems

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Former postdocs and graduate students (current position):

Albert Barberan (assistant professor, Univ. of Arizona)

Scott Bates (assistant professor, Purdue University)

Robert Bowers (research scientist, Joint Genome Institute)

Paul Carini (assistant professor, Univ. of Arizona)

Joanne Emerson (assistant professor, UC-Davis)

Jonathan Leff (scientist, Kaleido Biosciences)

Gilberto Flores (assistant professor, Cal State – Northridge)

Anne Madden (postdoctoral researcher, NC State)

Chris Lauber (researcher, Nestlé, Switzerland)

Amanda Redford (researcher, USDA Center for Plant Health Science and Technology)

Kelly Ramirez (postdoctoral scholar, Netherlands Institute of Ecology)


Fierer Lab people photo March 2016